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Difference between curtains and net curtains

Published: 18 August, 2022

In the world of drapery and interior decorating, there is confusion about the differences that exist between curtains and sheers. The confusion is further increased because even interior decorators often use the term synonymously. Perhaps, this is because curtain and net curtain are often used together. Or because sheer is a type of curtain with a specific purpose.

However, curtains and sheers are very different from each other, both in the fabric in which they are manufactured and in the size and purpose each has. Let’s know more particularly the differences between them.

What is a curtain

Curtains are panels of fabrics that are usually sold in pairs. This type of curtains have many varieties: colors, such, patterns, widths, lengths, and so on. It can be used in different types of places: bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and any other space in case.

Curtains are usually made of a thicker fabric. Their main purpose is to give privacy to the place and filter some sunlight. Curtains are the type of panels you would want to put up if you don’t want anyone to see into the home. For that reason, they are usually larger and reach all the way to the floor.

Also, depending on the type of curtain we want, we can choose a fabric that filters more or less sunlight. Blackout curtains, for example, are completely designed to filter as much sunlight as possible.

que es una cortina

What is a net curtain

Sheers are also panels of fabrics that are also available as a unit or in pairs. However, the particularity of sheers is that their fabric is thinner. A net curtain does not provide any privacy to the room. So it is not used for the purpose of providing privacy or filtering sunlight.

Rather, its purpose is primarily decorative. It is used at the height of the windows so that the windows do not look lonely and empty. And for that reason, they are usually smaller, the size of the window pane.

Fabric differences between curtains and net curtains

The main difference between curtains and net curtains is the thickness of the fabric. While curtains have a greater thickness, sheers are made of a thin fabric that is usually yarn or linen.

This difference in fabric is due to the purpose of each of the panels. The panels are intended to give privacy to the room and filter as much of the outside sunlight as possible. Therefore, they are perfect for a room that we want to be completely dark.

The vinillo has a mainly aesthetic purpose. Therefore, it does not provide any privacy and its ability to reduce outside sunlight is quite low. It is usually used to decorate windows in a living room or other room.

que es un visillo

Size differences between curtains and net curtains

Curtains and net curtains can vary in size depending on the model and style we want. However, it is normal that the curtains are longer and larger than the net curtain. These cover the whole place and reach the floor. For its part, the net curtain usually covers only the space of the glass or window.

Curtains Net curtains
Thick fabric Thin fabric
Filters light better and provides more privacy Allows more light to go through and it’s see through
Used to provide privacy and reduce the amount of sunlight in a room. Its purposes are purely aesthetic
They are usually large, touching the ground. They are usually the size of the window pane.

However, although the curtains and net curtains are different from each other and can be used separately, many decorators often use them together. Since using curtains and net curtain gives us the privacy we are looking for, but with that aesthetic touch that gives us the net curtain.

There are three ways in which curtains and sheers can be used together:

  • With a track. Both are hooked to bearings that run on a rail. By pulling a cord, we can open or close the curtains.
  • With a round rod. In the round rod, the curtains are inserted with a washer through which they run. It can be moved through a rigid rod that is sewn to the fabric.
  • With window rod. The curtain and drapery is attached directly to a rod that is fixed to the window.

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