Placing window holders in the window without drilling holes

Published: 29 August, 2022

It is not necessary to drill holes in the wall or in the window frame to place our visor holder. It is possible to place this holder in the window frame without having to do any damage to the frame.

For this purpose, there are holders that adhere to the frame and allow us to place the sheers easily. In addition to not damaging the window, doing it this way takes up less space and the sheers will not be a nuisance when opening or closing the windows.

We show you step by step what you have to do to install a curtain rod without making holes in the window.

Obtain extendable curtain rods

The first step is to get the window shade holders that can be attached to the window. This last feature is what will allow us to glue the sheers without making holes. It is also important that the window shade rods are extensible. In this way, we will be able to adjust to the size of the window.

portavisillos sin hacer agujeros en pared ni en ventana

Cut to size

In case we need it, we can cut the visor holders to fit the size of the window. To do this, we must loosen the pieces that make up the visor holder, which are usually two. And then, we make the cut on the outer rod.

Place the adhesive supports of the visor holder

Once we have prepared the visor holder with the measurements we need, it is time to place the supports. However, we cannot use the classic method of drilling a hole to place the visor holder on the window.

For this, we must use self-adhesive brackets. The good thing is that these are very easy to adjust. In a few seconds we will have it ready. We only have to remove the coating that the brackets come with and glue them to the frame fastening.

In this step it is important that we clean the surface where we are going to stick the support to assure its subjection. We can do it with a cloth dampened with alcohol. Once it is clean and dry, we remove the coating from the support and glue them to the frame.

como colocar portavisillos sin agujeros

We place the sheers on the window

Afterwards, the first thing we have to do is to mount the sheers. Once mounted, we insert the rod into the upper hem of the sheers.

Then, we have to hang the window shade holder on the brackets of the brackets that we have placed in the door market. We have to do it from both sides. Keep in mind that, if the window is of the tilt and turn type, it is convenient to place another rod holder at the bottom.

Finally, we must place the curtains in our curtain holder. And that’s it. We have placed a visor holder without having to make a hole.

Additionally, remember that in the market you can find other options to place the visor holder without opening holes. There are adjustable bars that allow us to place the sheers at the height we want.

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