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We are specialists in Roller Blinds and Curtains, offering a professional service to the public in different models of Roller Blinds, Vertical Curtains, Venetian Blinds, Japanese Sliding Panels, Roman Blinds, Pleated Shades, Wooden Venetian and Aluminium Venetian (with or without wands), motorized roller blinds via radio with remote control or with a switch.

We guarantee prices with a 25% discount in the main brands in the industry, Factory Colors being a lead brand in Málaga province, with years of experience. Professional counselling and installation service.

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Custom made Roller Blinds

At Factory Colors we present to you roller blinds with all the different material options, being currently the most commercial, elegant and simple option to decorate your windows. Our star material, which we propose as the best option, is Polyscreen, with the following technical qualties:

– Filtering the sunlight we manage to guarantee a better sun protection and light management, therefore providing energetic saving and reducing temperatures indoors.

We install Free all around Malaga!

What do we offer in Curtains Factory Colors?

Presentation the product in your home

We show you the different types of fabrics, as well as a variety of sheer curtains, drapes and blackouts. In addition, a diversity of curtains rails and curtain rods to get the perfect installation the one that you love.


Advice, product presentation and free estimates

Experience an exceptional service of design and elegance with our expert commercial technicians in interior decoration, who kindly offer you advice on your home, product presentation and measurement of your windows.


Included measurements and installation

You can forget about taking the measurements and about the installation, because our team will take care of all the installation, we are authentic professionals, with high quality personal and large experience.

We provide service throughout the Costa del Sol from Málaga to Sotogrande and throughout Cantabria.

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vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

Lighting and comfort adapted to your needs depending on the orientation of the slats in the Vertical Curtains. Slat width of 89mm and 127mm with cord or motorized activation.

You can choose colour and reference from more than 100 textures from the brand bandalux, with side or central opening, activation through cable motor or remote control, and components in the colour of your choice.

Elegance and lighting comfort for the space in your home or in public.

We guarantee the best offer and a 3 year guarantee

vertical blinds black slats
vertical blinds orange
vertical combined slats

Japanese Sliding Panel

Elegance and pure lines in the sliding panels presentation, made to measure and in handcrafted materials according to your preferences.

Spacious, current and modern spaces in current colours, combined with metallic rods, borders and colours.

An option that solves space and room divisions

Japanese Panels made to measure.

Come visit us and you will be surprised by the spectacular presentation and irresistible offer.

translucent japanese panels
japanese panels for living room
japanese panels with guide
blinds night and day for living room

Night and Day Blinds

Enjoy your home with the Bandalux Night and Day Roller blinds, an option for decorating your windows and filtering sunlight depending on the position of the strips of material. Lighting during the day and darkness in the evening.

Avant garde design in current colours and textures adapted to the best trends. Choose between references of warm tones, stone, naturals, livelier colours or glass effect, you will always find an option to adapt to your decoration.

The Day and Night curtains from the brand Bandalux is current elegance.

Translucent night and day blind
blind night and day beige
night and day blind glued for sale without screws

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

A practical and current option to filter sunlight in your home in a elegant and subtle way. Venetian blinds transmit visual comfort and harmony in space.

The slats can be produced in aluminium or wood, with a 15mm, 25mm or 50mm width. More than 100 colours in every reference.

For their production, we fully trust in the leader in the sector, Bandalux. Offering 3 YEARS OF INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE in all the components, and post sale service at your disposition.

aluminum venetian blind for kitchen
aluminum venetian salon
Venetian blind aluminum 15 mm
aluminum venetian blind wide blade

Roman Blinds

Traditional in the world of curtains, the roman blinds will let you decorate your window in a natural way, with a minimum amount of material and with current shapes.

We can craft your roman blinds with or without rods, with mixed linen materials, sheer curtains or printed, and of course with the quality and guarantee of Factory Colors.

Hidden mechanisms at extraordinarily low prices, high durability and a minimum maintenance in all the components.

Competitive prices in unsurpassed quality. Request an estimate and we guarantee the best Offer.

estor plegable de visillo
Roman curtains with wave
Roman curtains with for room
Roman curtains with for living room
pleated shades for window

Pleated Shades

If you need to filter light through your glass curtain, loft or bathroom window, pleated curtains will offer you a system that adapts to the limited space you may have, offering options that are not available in other systems.

Depending on the material, it will regulate light intensity and transparency, and can also remove UVA rays with Bandalux´s Opatec technology. Reknown architects choose as their main option pleated curtains, due to the multiple options in windows, proper darkening and multiple installation options.

100 COLOURS at your choice

5 types of transparency and opacity.

Perfect installation, and according to your needs, GUARANTEED.


pleated shades white
pleated shades blackout
pleated shades loft

Wooden Venetian Blinds

100% natural wood for your wooden Venetian blind and with the extraordinary 3 year Bandalux Guarantee.
You can combine the belts and select the motor drive if you wish. Different options will allow you to customize your Wooden Venetian Blind to your liking.
25 colors to choose from an elegant and current range. And of course, you have the advice of our professionals to help you and present the product to your home if necessary.
Not only does it provide visual comfort, the graduation and orientation of the slats allows you to regulate the entrance light to the space. Therefore, you can control the light and privacy without compromising the decoration, with a unique style of high quality curtains and current fashion.

wooden venetian blinds for living room
wooden venetian blinds white
wooden venetian blinds for bedroom

Other products

Roller Blinds and Wallpaper

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wallpaper la maison de papier malaga
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