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How to make sheers for casement windows

Published: 12 September, 2022

Do you have a casement window in your home? When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your home, nothing beats the appeal of beautiful windows. Casement windows are the perfect addition to any home looking for an industrial touch. However, you should consider whether your existing structure can support these windows before going ahead with your plan. Installing casement windows requires special considerations if you want them to look good and function properly. You will need sheers if you have casement windows that operate sideways, rather than outwards.  Casement windows open like a door, so they are ideal for letting natural light into your home. They can also bring a lot of fresh air into your home, but you need the right type of curtains to make sure this is always the case. Or rather, you need curtains for casement windows. Normal curtains won’t work for casement windows because they will blow straight into the house every time there’s a breeze outside. Instead, what you need are neutral sheers that are lighter than usual and don’t block natural light. Not only do these beautiful window treatments look great on casement windows, but they also prevent sunlight from entering and fading the colours in the room. Read on to find out how to make sheers for casement windows.

Measure your window before buying fabric

The first step for casement window shades is to measure your window. First, measure the width of the window from end to end. Next, measure the width of the inside of the window frame, which is the part that goes into the wall. The width of the frame is the measurement you will use to determine how much fabric you will need. If your casement windows are next to a wall, you will also need to take the width of the wall into account when measuring. If you want your curtains to reach all the way to the floor, add another 15 centimetres to the casement window measurement. If you want your casement curtains to reach all the way to the wall, keep 6 inches.

Fold the fabric and hem the edges.

Fold the fabric so that it is exactly the width of the inside of the casement window frame. Next, hem all four edges of the fabric. The hem will prevent the fabric from fraying when it is used for casement window shades. If you hem the fabric so that it is the same width as the casement window frame, you will get an extra long piece of fabric. To make it easier to work with, cut the fabric so that it is exactly the width of the casement window.

Adding a cover to your casement window shades

A cover is a piece of fabric, usually a solid colour, that is placed on top of the sheer fabric. It covers the sheer fabric but is not intended to be seen. A cover will help keep the sheer fabric clean and add a splash of colour to the room. You can buy pre-assembled sheers for casement windows with a cover already fitted, but if you want a specific colour or design, you can make them yourself. First, measure the width of the casement window and add 5 cm to the measurement to allow for the width of the hem. Next, measure the length of the desired casement and add 5 cm to the measurement to allow for the width of the hem.

Add rods for hanging curtains

You can choose to hang your drop curtains with rings, hooks or rods. If you plan to open and close your casement curtains a lot, hooks or brackets may not be the best option. These types of curtains must be completely removed before you can open the window. Rings are a great option for casement curtains. Rings attach to the casement window and can be opened and closed without removing the casement curtains. When choosing the rings, hooks or braces, make sure that they are long enough to close the casement curtains all the way. They should be at least half the width of the window.

Casement windows are a great feature to have in your home. And while they are wonderful for bringing light and fresh air into your home, they can also let in moisture and cold air if you don’t have the right type of curtains or blinds. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of curtains for casement windows. You can make sheers for casement windows by measuring your windows, folding the fabric and hemming the edges. Then add a drape at the top for a touch of colour. Finally, add rods to hang the casement curtains.

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